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So, you’ve been practising Yoga for some time or maybe a long time. You’ve explored asanas and you felt a sense of calm, joy, love and devotion to the practice, you’ve explored pranayama and saw the connection between breath and the mind or even explored your prana body. You’ve practised meditation and it has made you more focused and balanced, has improved your relationship with yourself and the world. By now you have faith in the path. Are you ready to up the game?


The goal of Yoga according to Patanjali is “Yogas Chitta Vriiti Nirodha”. We will be happy to lead you to understand this very concept in-depth, what makes the Chitta, what exactly are Vrittis and what is the source of these Vrittis, what is Nirodha and how do you get there, what are the obstacles, what are the ways to overcome these obstacles. 


Why should you take up this workshop?

The freedom the liberation that is promised on the path of Yoga is freedom not from this world but from your own Mind. Samadhi Pada takes you through the wonderful world of your own Mind. It gives you the process to train the very Mind which enslaves you currently and take you to that space of freedom of Nirodha of Samadhi. Just like the physical practice has helped you gain control over your body it is now time to take the game one step higher, train the Mind. It is not easy but once you start walking the path the destination will not be far. The question is are you ready to walk? If yes, then this workshop will be the first and crucial step.

Image by Zoltan Tasi

Who can take up this workshop?

  • You’ve been into Yoga practice and now want to explore the depths, now the swimming pool is not enough, you are ready for the ocean.
  • You’ve attempted reading the Yoga Sutras but the concepts were mind-boggling and confusing, you felt lost.
  • You are curious about the Mind; you have been working to calm the monkey mind and are troubled by it. You seek answers, you seek a solution.
Adult Students

Who is leading the workshop?

Kamal Maliramani is the founder of Energizer Yoga, based at Hyderabad. He started his journey over a decade ago. Like any practitioner he started his journey with Asana practice but then his curiosity moved him to Yoga Philosophy. He spent over two years studying the Yoga Sutras and experimenting with the knowledge, over a period of time he decided to simplify it and made the text more accessible with examples and stories. So far, he has taken only long-term batches where once a week the wisdom is shared and only chapter 1 took about eight to ten months. The same wisdom is now condensed into a ten-day workshop making it more accessible for ones who cannot commit such a long time. Each Sutra will be explained and explored that will create a firm ground for you to delve deeper into the journey of Yoga.

Here is what some of the students have to share 

Next batch begins on 2nd Nov
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