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A modern twist to the world of Yoga. It has been built by bringing together the arts of Gymnastics, Yoga and Thai Massage. AcroYoga has two aspects to the practice – Solar (Acrobatic in nature) and Lunar (Therapeutic oriented). The objective of AcroYoga is simple “build loving and caring communities”.

The practice involves a minimum of three people (a base, flyer and spotter) and demands more awareness, strength and flexibility than the usual Yoga practice. The benefits involve better health, developing trust, overcoming fear and bringing play back to life. In the current socially connected but otherwise, disconnected world AcroYoga brings back human interaction. The practice is also very creative oriented and gives freedom to explore more just like in dance. 

Anyone having a background in fitness can take up AcroYoga. It will only add more to their fitness. AcroYoga class is conducted every Saturday 3-5 pm with a minimum commitment of three months.

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