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Ankita Sampat.jpg

Ankita Sampat

Fitness Coach

Kamal sir's classes are no doubt amazing. They make you physically stronger and creative with your own body. But what I like most is how well he incorporates philosophy in class. His theory classes will teach you techniques to lead a happy and content life.

I came here with a huge mental block but his practice and teachings have changed my life for good. I think this is what Yoga is all about after all !! Well done sir.



Dr.Anuradha Deolalkar

I joined Energiser Yoga after a traumatic experience at a gymn left me with a ruptured and herniated inter vertebral disc. My aim was simply to strengthen my back muscles. But my experience has turned out to be rewarding in more ways than one. Encouraged by Meenal to believe in ourselves, I have learned that by persistent efforts we can improve our strength and flexibility; Kamal explains the deep philosophy underlying Yoga practice which goes beyond simply doing Asanas. My journey has just begun; it's a very long way to go. But I'm glad to be doing it here, amongst friends and under the guidance of a pair of excellent and motivating teachers.

Renu Kallutlta_edited.jpg

Fitness Coach

Most Inspiring , motivating,&
wonderful guru ( kamal sir)
awesome classes, amazing ppl
I enjoy each & every class .
Every day I get to learn something new..
Blessed to have such a great teacher
Thank you so much kamal sir..

Adena S Muncey.jpg

Adena Muncy

Yoga Teacher

I am from the US and have practiced at many studios worldwide and this is one of the best studios I’ve been to. Kamal is knowledgeable, and all his classes are challenging and fun. He has created a welcoming environment where a new student, either to yoga or just to the studio, feels accepted. I highly recommend Energizer Yoga!

Rajesh Agarwal.jpg

Rajesh Agarwal


I had joined Energizer Yoga 3 yrs back and today I think Iam really lucky to have and hold such beautiful community of yoga enthusiasts coming from different walks of life. Regarding our teacher Kamal, I have only three words to say he is doing his work “Sacredly, secretly and silently”. And if anyone is interested in Yoga just drop in and I promise you will never regret.

Sheetal Thamke.jpg

Sheetal Thamke

Pilates Coach

My 13 year old daughter has been attending weekend classes at Energizer Yoga for the last 3 years. We have seen significant improvement in her flexibility, strength and balance during this period. But more importantly she thoroughly enjoys her classes and doesn't like to miss a single session, especially if it is an aerial yoga or acro yoga session.


Meenal & Kamal are both fantastic teachers and have the ability to handle students of different age groups / different level and make it fun yet challenging for everyone.

Vijay Yerrapatruni_edited.jpg

Business Man

The best place to learn yoga, kamal sir is so down to earth and knowledgeable you will feel at ease when practising under him, absolute delightful practice guaranteed

M P.jpg

Madhavi Venishetty


It's an honor and blissful experience to be instructed and guided by Kamal sir and Meenal ma'am! They are truly amazing radiates love and kindness , and I feel rejuvenated and inspired after taking their classes and being graced with with their positive energy!


They welcome every one with warm heart and open hands create a safe ,healing and peaceful atmosphere for all . The integration of spirituality into the daily yoga practice reminds me of true definition of yoga . They are amazing and bring sense of humour and playfullyness to the yoga mat, allowing for a breath of fresh air !



Energizer Yoga, as the name suggests, this place is full of energy. It makes you energised and keeps you so throughout the day. Our guru, kamal sir, focuses on the holistic development of his students. My experience in energiser Yoga is amazing, simply amazing. It is an experience in itself. I joined here 3 years back and since then there is no looking back. I have undergone 5 knee surgeries over a period of 10 years. Post-surgery I used to have pain, stiffness and some vague discomfort off and on and then I used to do cold fomentation for its relief. Then suddenly I saw energiser Yoga. And since the day I have become a part of it, all my knee issues have significantly come down.
Kamal sir have been guiding us for our physical as well as spiritual growth. He is a wonderful person and wonderful teacher. He has introduced us to so many things like juggling, walking on the rope, lessons on Vedanta ( to name a few).
Meenal and kamal sir complement each other. She is also a wonderful teacher and a wonderful human being.
I am blessed to be a part of energizer Yoga family  


Vanisha Agarwal


It has been a year now with energizer yoga, and looking back I can say what a year it has been!! What not have we done - astanga , back bending, acro , wall bar exercise, hip opening, arm strength building etc. The Mysore trip, the workshop with mark & Benjamin were excellent Spiritually also the discourse by Karthik sir and subramanyam sir have been awakening . I can see the difference in myself from an angry women to a sober one. All this is because of your guidance & efforts kamal sir. Thank you sir for your guidance.


Pulkita Parsai

Film Maker

This has got to be the best place for a wholistic change in life and mindset. It's not just a yoga learning and practising centre but with the theoritical inputs that you get here you also change your mindset about your lifestyle and know why you are doing what you are doing.
Its important to understand yoga as a philosophy and not just a practice of physical fitness or training your body and I think Energizer Yoga has all the ingredients to make you understand that. Here there is equal emphasis on the body and mind.
It's fantastic, the ways and means by which Kamal and Meenal empower you to stretch your own limits and do better than your own self, better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today.
The best part about Meenal's class is that 'no' is not an option. And she will drill it into you so effortlessly that even in life when I have challenges, I am reminded of my yoga class and I tell myself that 'no is not an option'.

Its so centrally located and well connected. Its an open space and you can run around and jump around all you want. Children are welcome and they light up the room.
Energizer Yoga is a family that welcomes you with arms wide open. Its a place to learn the best way of life.

Parvati Gupta.jpg

Parvati Gupta


Love my daily fix of yoga at Energizer Yoga. Truly lives upto its name- energizes, inspires, motivates me to work towards my goal of being a happy, healthy and fit person. But the main credit has to go to my two gurus who teachthere. Kamal and Meenal Maliramani. You are truly inspirational. The patience, support and words of encouragement with which you guide each and every one of your students is truly magical. You never discourage or de-motivate a single student, especially the new students, your calm, guiding light being such a beacon of hope and inspiration. There are so many asanas that I initially found daunting and impossible to achieve but Meenal's words of encouragement of 'keep at it, one day you will get it right' is what propels me to try and work towards it. This positivity has also changed the way I perceive life. To look at it in a positive way, to overcome physical and emotional hurdles through the breathing exercises and meditation and facing life's challenges with better physical and mental strength. I miss my classes on the occasion I am away. It has actually become my second home - a center of learning in a non threatening, happy, positive atmosphere! Thank you Kamal sir and Meenal!


Neetu Varandani

Home Maker

“Guru Gobind dou khade, kaake lagun paaye; Balihari Guru aapne, jin Gobind dio bataye”
These are very famous lines or doha by Santa Kabir. It means shall I revere my teacher or Almighty. I shall revere my Guru always as he is the one who leads us to Almighty.
Such is a feeling that I have for Energizer Yoga. From invoking Omkar to reciting Nirvana Shatakam, from practicing Asanas to understanding every Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Kamal Sir has this quality of making every session meaningful.
What amazes me the most is the way Sir conducts each of our Yoga session so beautiful. Every yoga session is as beautiful as the previous one and the next. Not mundane at all.
Yoga asanas are incomplete without an understanding of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I’m grateful to Kamal Sir for introducing these sessions which have made our life a beautiful journey. Sir puts his heart and soul explaining each Sutra in a simple, lucid way citing real and daily life examples.
‘Many in Body, one in mind” is a concept of Buddhism and Energizer Yoga stands true to this with Kamal sir, Meenal Ma’am, Neelima ji spreading and building a strong and holistic Yoga community.

Vanit Kumar_edited.jpg

Vanit Kumar


I am practicing Yoga under Kamal for over seven years. When I joined, I was under constant stress and fatigue of running a software business and working at very random schedules.I had developed hypo thyroid and had improper body posture.

Its been a blessing to have a guru like Kamal. I feel fit, have a better body posture and have more energy for everything. I feel like there is a much better rhythm to life.

Kamal has built a beautiful community of Yoga enthusiasts coming from different walks of life and geographies. There is great bonding that is difficult to describe. We have been to treks to the Himalayas, had Yoga sutra and vedanta sessions and plenty of fun stuff.

What is truly unique to Energizer Yoga is Kamal's quest for Yoga. He is completely devoted and deeply committed to the Yoga journey and I get to realize that Yoga is way beyond Asanas.

As you can say I am in love with my guru !

Manisha Ohja.jpg

Manisha Ojha

Phd. Student

Anybody looking for a serious place to practice yoga Energizer Yoga is the place. The best part about this place is the positive energy you experience here.
I have started yoga class for the 1st time , before that I din't have any knowledge about yoga. But Energizer Yoga made it very easy for beginners like me.. All you need is concentration, will power that you can do any aasana & motivation, which our trainer Meenal ma'am & Kamal sir will surely help you to improve. For me as a beginner, Meenal ma'am made me fall in love with yoga and showed me a way to be more positive, kind and mindful. She's a lovely yoga teacher who knows how to take care of every member in the group and how to combine the yoga with a topic. So every-time you can take a message with you. They teach us yoga aims to improve the mind, body, and spirit. When the yoga trainer loves what they do, that feeling is transferred into the students as well.  Perfect place to learn yoga with a pleasant atmosphere. The Yogshala is equipped well..!! One can literally feel the calm and peace upon entering the studio premises. Teachers here are friendly, dedicated and committed to see you grow physically and spiritually. I really enjoy coming here to extent that on the days I cannot make it to class, I miss it sorely. I always always go back home with a smile. It is really more than just a yoga studio, it is a spiritual community. 
Believe me, you will love every session and every class in Energizer Yoga by the super cool teachers.
Would highly recommend Energizer Yoga for an overall wellness experience. 

Lalita Mishra Bajpai_edited.jpg

Home Maker

It has been 5 years now after my joining energizer yoga. It's a place which gives an inclusiveness in Yoga starting from basic asanas and progresses to have glimpses of adventures acro, exciting aerial,vedic teachings and many more.which filled me full of confidence and changed my perception towards life and it's positivity. Thus it develops creatively in our day to day thinking.. . Kamal sir and Meenal are always ready with new variations of asanas in order to ensure holistic development of aspirants those join Energizer yoga..

Neha Shah.jpg

Neha Shah


Kamal Sir teaches the absolute best yoga classes in hyderabad! I tried the first class on my friend's recommendation and since then there has been no looking back. He incorporates everything you could want from yoga into every class, from stretching to strength training, balancing positions, and breathing techniques. He is also a wealth of knowledge and will help you with any questions you have about life in general.I would recommend Energizer Yoga to everybody who finds yoga boring. Come and experience the classes. Fall in love with your body and unlock the potential we have within.


Nita Saini

Yoga Teacher

I have been there only for a month or two
But it was amazing and best experience with kamal sir
He has super knowledge on the yoga. And the best part is he has helped me in correcting my postures and bringing new me
The acro yoga community over here is I feel is best till date
What more I can say
Thank youkamal sir for helping me in correcting my postures
A perfect place to experience different form of yoga 😍😃


Guduru Sushmitha

Home Maker

Energizer yoga .. a place that has changed my mental, physical and spiritual stability to a great extent ! It’s an great place .. it helped in controlling my mind n body ! This place thought me to manage my stress and anxiety ! Apart from this it helped me become strong and flexible .. fun and fit session of acro and ashtanga yoga every morning makes my day more cheerful ! This would not have been possible without encouragement from our kamal sir ! It’s a great place to join 


Jyoti Madhekar

Yoga Teacher

My experience at Energise yoga has been a very fruitful one. l have been able to discover myself and my capabilities. I find myself being comfortable doing asanas that I initially had trouble with. I enjoy every minute I spend in the class and I look forward every morning to attend the class to learn more.

Isha Saww_edited.jpg

Yoga Teacher

I'm so glad I happened upon this yoga Shala ... Only good things are happening to my yoga practice ever since I joined.... Kamal sir runs this Shala out of pure passion he has for yoga that he wants to share with every person interested.... he gently pushes you deeper in your practice .... And the cherry on the top is that once in a while he throws in some fun #acroyoga play.


Sheetal Kabra

Business Woman

This review is long overdue! I have been going to energizer yoga for almost 3 m now. I enjoy every minute. Classes are dynamic (no fixed routine exercises) and the instructors (kamal and meenal) are not just good at what they teach but are very cooperative , supportive and understanding too. What I also love is their philosophy - they don't make unnecessary or baseless claims or promises like many others just to get more students... they believe that yoga is not just a set of exercises, it's a way of living. And only when followed sincerely does it yield results. Highly recommended!!! 

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Deepti Sethi

Sr. Executive HR

Kamal's Energizer Yoga totally lives up to its name .... the yoga sessions with Kamal not only energize the body but also the mind!! Within 2-3 sessions I started feeling a lot more positive mentally and ofcourse physically more flexible and fitter. Kamal understands the student and personalises his sessions accordingly and that I feel is the most special aspect of learning yoga with him. His love and dedication towards the practice rubs off on you and over time you too start loving the practice of yoga. Kamal was my mentor and guide even for pre-natal yoga and the exercises were simple yet highly effective during my pregnancy. I would highly recommend Kamal's Energizer yoga to everyone!!!

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Rupali Goel

Home Maker

A very apprehensive me climbed up the stairs of Energizer Yoga studio about seven months ago. Ten minutes of conversation with Kamal Sir and I knew I would be back soon! Not sure what made me enroll just a week later but surely it must have been more than the fact that Sir did not sport a flowing long beard or saffron clothing:-). Last seven months have been a sort of transformation- physical and mental. The rusted body needed some physical activity which was not just mindless hopping, but something more purposeful and enriching. The ever- so- busy life needed a diversion and the mind some relaxation. And wasn’t I fortunate to have found just the right place? Kamal Sir makes a definite impression because of his easy going attitude, positivity and humility. He is a great teacher and a source of encouragement and inspiration. The variations he brings in each day make the classes very interesting and exciting. His enthusiasm for learning new things is contagious. Acro Yoga workshop, 108 Surya Namaskars, Sunday morning sessions in the park, annual calendar shoot, are some very fond experiences with Energizer Yoga.
My gratitude and best wishes to EY and Kamal Sir! 


Jaya Tulsi 


The best in Hyderabad city! The answer to your every question is at Energizer's yoga studio. You can expect great support, constant guidance and motivation. If you are looking to learn the Art of yoga/ Aerial Yoga/Acro Yoga you should definitely start your journey at Energizer's Yoga! 

I attended evening classes under the guidance of Meenal Maliramani. Her classes are lively, energetic and very, very motivating. 

We Are


Bhuvana Sathishkumar.jpg

Bhuvana Satish Kumar

Social Worker

Although I have been to numerous yoga centres till date, it was only here at Energizer Yoga that I found every passing day challenging and exciting, having different surprises in store for me everyday. Despite having a fractured right hand, I have always been encouraged to do more by Kamal Sir.
Initially, I was hesitant in attending both the yoga workshops held in our yogashala but my fears were put to rest by Kamal sir and I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience. It is not everyday that one gets to meet such accomplished people like Mark and Ben and learn the art of yoga from them. Both these workshops were truly an enriching experience.
The best part about the yoga class is that the entire class is like a closely-knit community, where everybody is ever ready to help the other person and always encourages him/her to go that extra mile and put in extra effort.
What makes this yoga class special is that this is one of the few institutions that endorses the belief that yoga is a wholesome process which involves the unison of the mind and body. Apart from practising yoga on a daily basis, the Vedanta Class by Karthik Narayan awakens our spiritual side and teaches us the right way of living. Lastly, Energizer Yoga has helped me discover myself. 


Dr.Hemalatha Anand

General Physician

I joined Energizer yoga around July 2019 staying very close it took me close to about 6 yrs to make up my mind that I can do it ...But by the time I joined I was a tierd flogged medical professional very much in need of an Energizer..I was just out of a bad bout of Chickenpox .I wanted to understand why my immune system is failing me ..Understanding realms of knowledge beyond fixed notions of medical understanding was my first step and Meenal my Guru was wonderful in guiding me through the spondylotic and migraine interludes .motivated me not to give up and ensured I carry on despite many issues ..I am thankful to her continuing encouragement I am able to stretch beyond my limitations and enjoying it too ..Will strongly recommend to those with nagging aches and pains to come and know the changes. For me it is also an outing to meet a bunch of free willing people not letting age and lethargy catch them up .

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Himabindu Golti

IT Professional

It was my pleasure to say few words about Kamal Sir and Energizer Yoga for which I have joined for 3 months. Even though the tenure of mine is very short here, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Kamal Sir. He is a motivator, teaches yoga in a very different way when compared to other Yoga Centers. In Energizer yoga, you not only learn the Yoga but also some of the activities which strengthen your core which you will notice that in just 1 and half to 2 months’ time period. This is not a general or regular yoga centre. I could say this strongly because I have joined here for a motive to reduce my weight as I have PCOD issues and have issues in conceiving. After joining here, I not only reduced my weight but was also felt very positive and strengthened my core that I can face any kind of issues. I would like to again convey my sincere thanks to Kamal Sir and I wish all the very best to his future endeavours.

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