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Led by Meenal Maliramani
Date: 21st - 25th Sept
Time: 4.20-5.00 pm

Workshop online via zoom
Energy Exchange: Rs.1199/-


The cleansing breath

We Welcome you to the five-day immersion into the most effective balancing pranayama. Nadi Shodhana is a subtle practice that works on balancing our Ida and Pingala Nadi, but even before we get there it creates a profound impact by developing balance in our emotions and troublesome mind waves. It is the inability of our mind to balance the emotions that manifests as stress and thereby into several modern-day lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, thyroid, PCOD etc.

In the present day lifestyle we are glued to the clock with our hectic routines, Nadi Shodhana brings the desired break, the time to unwind, to recharge and brings back the balance in our life.

Breath is our life force, Increase in Oxygen supply increases the efficiency and efficacy of every part of your body. This simple Pranayama practice will bring in the desired level of oxygen in our system.

In this digital era to keep up with our work with excess use of internet, mobile, media, information we are prone  to multitasking and distractions. However, this comes at a big cost of losing our focus. This lack of focus leads to restlessness, exhaustion and lack of creativity. Welcome Nadi Shodhana into your life as it has proven to result in significantly better focus.

How can Nadi Shodhana benefit you?

Build Focus
Extra Supply
of Oxygen
for Meditation

If you are ready to explore the depths of meditation as a beginner or an advanced yoga practitioner then Nadi Shodhana is a good place to start. As Breath is one among the most important tools to control the monkey mind.

Relieves Anxiety and Stress

A calm mind is always a happy mind. It is when you feel Irritable, angry, succumbing to mood swings, impatient, fearing and constantly agitated then you know that you are stressed and imbalanced. Nadi Shodhana is a calming practice, it brings back balance and joy in our life, improves your relationship with the world and your overall well-being.

Enhances Logical and Creative Output

This is the only Pranayama that works on both sides of the brain and improves their efficiency. Hence this harmony, equilibrium, tranquillity help us think more logically, clearly and enhances our creativity.

Stressed Woman
  1. If you are a corporate professional working in a stressful environment; and you feel exhausted and burnt out each day, then this is the practice for you.

  2. If you are a student battling with distractions which lead to reduced focus or your memory is not supporting you, then this is the practice for you.

  3. If you are a homemaker and multitasking has lead to emotional imbalances or if you are suffering from mood swings due to hormonal changes leading to confusion and trauma, then this practice can really help you.

  4. If you are a creative person and you seek to understand and experience the working of the inside world, then this practice is definitely for you.

  5. If you have been practising Yoga and want to explore the area of Prana or energy, or if you are a Yoga teacher who wishes to explore Nadi Shodana in a little more depth to cultivate a long term practice for yourself and your students to achieve the required results then this workshop is for you.

Who should take up this course?

Who is leading this course?

You will be under the able guidance of Ms.Meenal Maliramani. She is the founder of Energizer Yoga. She is a dedicated and loving soul who wishes to see health and happiness growing in everyone’s life. She has been committed to the practice of Yoga for about a decade and has been involved with teaching for over six years. She has acquired a distilled knowledge over various pranayama practices through her devoted study and practice of the yogic sciences. Over the years many students have benefited under her guidance, these include teachers, doctors, homemakers, businesswomen, dancers and many others. Her pranayama practice is known to heal and creates harmony. She is a Govt. of India, AYUSH certified Yoga Teacher.  

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