Led by Meenal Maliramani
Date:  Oct 26th-30th
Time: 7.00-7.40 pm
Workshop online via zoom
Energy Exchange: Rs.1199/-

Ujjayi pranayama is one of the simplest yet pre-eminent practice of yoga. It is very much similar to the breath of a new born who is yet not influenced by the worldly attractions and is easy, light, relaxed and full of prana. Monitoring and adjusting the evenness of the sound in ujjayi helps us monitor our thoughts and bring evenness in our thinking pattern.


It is known as Victorious breath because its practice gives victory to the sadhaka over the mind through the breath.



Helps with thyroid disorders
Releases tension
Antidote for stress and anxiety
Improves memory and focus

Who should take up this course?

  • you are experiencing hormonal changes

  • going through emotional disturbances

  • you want to achieve an ideal BMI

  • you feel stressed or are suffering from anxiety

  • Wish to improve your decision-making ability

  • you feel low on energy or feel fatigued often

  • you feel your focus levels have reduced

  • you are emotionally or mentally unsteady

  • To improve your creative ability

Who is leading this course?

You will be under the able guidance of Ms. Meenal Maliramani. She is the founder of Energizer Yoga. She is a dedicated and loving soul who wishes to see health and happiness growing in everyone’s life. She has been committed to the practice of Yoga for about a decade and has been involved with teaching for over six years. She has acquired a distilled knowledge over various pranayama practices through her devoted study and practice of the yogic sciences. Over the years many students have benefited under her guidance, these include teachers, doctors, homemakers, businesswomen, dancers and many others. Her pranayama practice is known to heal and creates harmony. She is a Govt. of India, AYUSH certified Yoga Teacher.  

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