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What is the importance of Yoga in our daily life?

The moment such a question as “the importance of Yoga in our daily life” arises in our minds, we are separating Yoga and daily life. Let us first get clear that Asana practice is only one small part of the big subject of Yoga. Yoga involves several practices that begin with having a healthy relationship with the world and then delves deep into dealing with our own body, mind, and spirit. It is a systematic process to keep one happy, energetic, and healthy through the journey of life and probably even beyond.

The tortoise pose

Yoga deals with every aspect of your life, be it eating, sleeping, walking, talking, thinking, exercise, work, play… literally every bit of your life. It guides us on how to cherish each moment we spend on this planet with great health and vitality.

We, as humans, are complex beings, and all our emotional turmoil, overthinking, insecurities, fears, stress, likes, and dislikes reflect on our body, mind, and general well-being. All the suffering that we experience comes from our mind. Yoga helps us realize this basic fact and nurtures a new way of thinking which is productive and positive oriented.

Yoga also introduces us to the concept of relaxation in each moment. We feel that watching television or going to a party helps us relax. Still, the reality is that it just distracts your mind for a few minutes or hours, but it does not solve anything. On the contrary, they make you more tired and groggy, leaving you weaker to deal with life. The art of relaxation is the most significant gift one could give to oneself by living a life of Yoga.

Yoga is not an activity but the basic rhythm on which the music of life is built. A life lived on the principles of Yoga keeps us unified and clear in thought, deed, and action.


Kamal Maliramani

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