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Darkness and light

The dark is associated with uncertainty, unknown, fear and gets you low. The light on the other end brings clarity, certainty, cheer and one feels high. Light is life and dark is death. Light is God and dark is the Devil.

This play of light and dark exist in our lives. In our journey, we all experience the dark and the light. The cover of the dark is difficult to handle, it usually seems large, never-ending and gigantic for us to handle. When the cover of darkness takes over our life, we try to find a way out, try to fight it out. However, darkness can only be fought with light. Nothing else will work.

The beauty is, that no matter how strong the dark seems, it does not have the capacity to douse even a spark, forget a flame or fire. Even the reflection of light, by Moon, is enough to free earth of darkness, that is the potential and power of light. So in life do not invest your energy and time fighting the dark, instead, turn inward and strengthen the light within. This light within has the power to light up the world. Darkness can happen only in the absence of light. For light to happen we need to burn, like the Sun. The effort is our fuel. The path is tough but certain.  

On similar lines, one cannot change the world, it’s also a dark place. All your effort to change the world (others) will be futile, you are investing your precious time in the impossible. We have sailed through several ages from iron age to the internet age, the world seems to change but it does not.

Change your focus. Change to that which is possible. The ability to change oneself. The light within you when bright and strong will light up the world. There will be power, there will be stillness, there will be bliss.

Remember, it is an opportunity to be born human. Explore the opportunity. Nourish the seed within, fill it with the potential to flower. Even in filth, the seed of the lotus plant is in the dark… it rises tall, despite all odds, and shines to be a lotus.

Many evolved souls did just that. They turned inside. The wise believed in the possibility within. The possibility is YOU. Shine on 🙂


Kamal Maliramani

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