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In love with yoga

When you are in love you feel it every moment, you see it everywhere. Love has the power to take you higher, closer to consciousness, closer to the universal force. And real love is one where you do not expect anything, you just become one. You have a belief, a faith, a vision that no one else can feel or see. Nothing in this world can then come in the way. Have we not seen this in great sportspersons? In writers? composers? scientists? And yes also the journey of Yoga 😊 Meet our dear student Paresh Kothyala who would travel about 24kms up and down each day to live his journey of Yoga with us. With the COVID pandemic, Energizer Yoga shifted to online sessions and he would practice from home, what’s even more special is… notice how even while he was on an outing with his family to Kondapochamma Sagar reservoir he logged in from his laptop and made sure he did not miss out his practice with his teacher. We are blessed to see such love and commitment.


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