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No stopping for the one who is willing

THE ULTIMATE COMEBACK An excuse is a way to tell yourself you are not ready, you will not be able to do it, you cook up reasons to avoid, to run away, to stay in fear, to stay lazy, to ignore, to not walk on the path. An excuse is a sure shot way to failure. For the one who is willing the universe is ready to help, to take them higher, to make them believe in themselves. The doors keep opening, the sun starts shining, the flowers start blooming, the fruits emerge and the garden turns green. Meet our dear student Anju Verma who had an almost fatal accident while participating in an adventure ride at a resort. The zipline brakes failed and she rammed into an iron frame leaving her spine, hip and ankle fractured, she was bedridden for about 3 months. This was in January 2019. The moment she started to walk with a little support she started practising Yoga, she resumed her classes and with a steady focus, patience, commitment and dedication she healed herself. Today in September 2020 she shines in her Rajkapotasana. What’s your excuse?


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