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Where can a dedicated practice not lead?

The world is a beautiful place. And we have been blessed to be full, we are the ocean in a droplet. We need to explore and surrender to our guide to know this, to feel this ocean. Once we are aware, we know and we find our method then nothing can stop us. We start growing, we become brave, we are sure, we are certain, we have the confidence and then the jewels of this world hidden in art, dance, poetry, music, science, philosophy, mathematics etc are all made available to us. We then know our way.

Here is our dear student Anita Apte who for the first time in her life saw herself open up to Ek Pada Rajkapotasana yesterday, and now that she had the confidence, she knows the way, what we notice is more confidence and both hands coming close in the asana. We at Energizer Yoga wish her the best to conquer new areas!


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